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Giveaway Week!

If  you haven't checked out the Insta giveaway, what are you waiting for?!

The giveaway ends on Friday at 12:00PM CST and the winner will get.....

A survive pack of IDLife products!  The products included are Hydrate in two flavors, Energy in two flavors and two Sleep Strips to help you get the best sleep around :)

All you have to do is follow me, motherrunner0619, and like the original post.  Easy peasy!  And if you want additional entries, simply tag a friend.  Each tag counts for an additional entry so tag as many friends as you would like.

I'll announce the winner Friday evening.  Good luck everyone
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Giveaway Day!!

Today is the day!!

I will be hosting a giveaway on Instagram this evening - around 5 p.m. CST.  The giveaway will run for the week and a winner will be selected on Friday.

I'm super excited to share this product with you but I still can't tell you what it is :)

You'll just have to follow me on Insta to catch it - @motherrunner0619

Coming Soon: Special Insta Post!

Hello Everyone!!

To go along with my last post and the changes that I will be making to the blog I will be posting a special on Instagram!  You can find me on Instagram with the handle motherrunner0619

June is my birthday month and the 19th is my actual birthday so I'm going to do something fun next week leading up to it.

It will deal with fitness and nutrition to help people get healthy and *hopefully* stay healthy.  Starting and maintaining a healthy way of life is very difficult because we've made it so easy to be lazy, sloppy, and obtain junk food.

But as a society, we also send conflicting messages.  Be pretty, be skinny, be fit, be yourself, love yourself, fat shame, skinny shame....  There is no room for any of it.  We all, or most of us, know if we are actually being and eating the things that fuel our body properly.

We know that eating cotton candy and drinking a coke is not the same thing as eating a salad topped with veggies and drinking water.  Yet we want to me al…


So I feel like this blog is going to be changing.  Firstly, I have done anything since December!!!  That is a really long time to have no new content at all.

Second, I don't know that I want to continue having the main content be fashion.  Although I love a good deal and find, it is not my true passion in life.  I'll still share what I find that is amazing but the focus is going to be shifting.

Third, I don't have all the time in the world to shop, take photos and then edit and post them.

So....  I'll be updating the blog soon with a new look.  The them will center more around running and fitness in general.

Running is my air.  It is what keeps me centered and focused and sane.  If I wasn't able to run I would be completely different person and one that I probably wouldn't like very much.

So since my last post, I've completed a half marathon in December 2017, a full marathon in January 2018 and I'm now looking at completing a 50k in December 2018 with m…

Time to be Better!

With the new year quickly approaching I find myself looking for ways to better myself.  One of the things I've started doing is adding in more strength training on day I don't feel like running.  I have terrible upper body strength and I've decided to change that and be better.

I want to be better for myself, first and foremost.  I want to be better for my husband and for our 3 kids.  I want to be healthy for all of us, I want to be strong for all of us, and most importantly, I want our kids to see and know that being healthy doesn't mean you are stick thin but it means that you are strong and confident.  I want them to know that being healthy can be fun and shouldn't (always) feel like a chore, something else to check off of the to-do list before going to bed at night.

So, the second thing I've done to better myself is signing up with IDLife.  IDLife is a health and wellness company that offers individually design vitamins & supplements for each specific p…


I finally found a pair of shoes that I love and didn't cost an arm and a leg - and I bought them!  I am really excited because they finally arrived yesterday and they fit :)  I'm not a fan of ordering shoes online because if they don't fit I have to return them and wait on the whole process again...  Luckily, I went up half a size based on the measurements and they are perfect.

I ended up ordering a pair of Dr. Scholl's online from Wal-Mart.  I know, I know, you hear the brand and automatically think old people shoes and support, etc.  But, I am going to be wearing them through the airport and for all majority of the trip to Berlin so I needed the support and I wasn't going to sacrifice my running shoes.

The shoes are grey and coral and are the retro style that is making a huge comeback.  With shipping and all, they only set me back $32 and some change.  Every other pair I was considering was going to set me back at least $75 and I couldn't justify it since I w…

Packing List

So, I am leaving for my business trip/mini vacation to Berlin in less than one month!!  The next few weeks are going to fly by and I still have so much to do.  Not only do I need to finalize what I am going to pack and wear for each day but I also need to plan and send out invitations for our middle daughter's 5th birthday party!  When did she get so big?! thing at a time.  I have booked my husband's plane ticket and the extra days at the hotel, we are considering it our belated anniversary/his early birthday present :)  We celebrated 10 years of marriage in January and I knew the business trip was coming up so we are celebrating late and early!

So, here are a few of the items that I am planning on taking for the mini vacation part of the trip. Obviously, if I get the shoes below, the colors of the outfits will need to shift a little for a more uniformed, mix and match look.

1. I 'Heart' Ronson   2. Liz Claiborne  3. Liz Claiborne  4. Stylus  Shoes: New B…