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Hey y'all!  Summer is officially over and all of the kids are in school!!!  Oh my gosh, no more daycare!!  It's a strange place to be since we've always had at least one or all 3 in daycare for the last (almost) 9 years....


We are training the kids and have been training the kids to only eat at the kitchen table.  And to leave all electronics somewhere else besides the kitchen table. 

Training can be an odd word when used in relation to kids but it's so accurate.  Kids are trained in what to do and how to behave.  No they aren't animals, but they learn by being trained and watching the adults in their lives.  In the past, we've been a little lax and let the kids eat in the living room and occasionally have food in the playroom.  But we've had carpet installed upstairs and we've very recently purchased new living room furniture. 

So what better time to train the kids and our selves to only eat at the new kitchen table :)  Yes, we are traini…
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Samples of Slim+

Hi everyone!  I realize it's been a minute so I thought I'd stop by :)

Last week we dropped the kids off with my parents for their 2 week summer vacation and then we jumped on a plane and headed out to Sacramento.

Sacramento was just a brief stop as we grabbed a rental car and headed for Oakhurt, Cali and Yosemite National Park.

So, when we booked everything the park and surrounding area wasn't on fire yet but we kept a close eye on things leading up to our trip and during our stay.

Yosemite is one of the best places we've ever vacationed and while I wish we could have stayed longer - we only booked three days - it was a good thing we didn't because the fire was getting close and they were closing the main road and evacuating the park.....

We stayed at a hotel on the main drag in Oakhurst and the staff was phenomenal!  They had recommendations ready for the local restaurants and even gave some great tips for Yosemite.

While in Yosemite we managed to see several sig…

New Giveaway

Happy almost Friday everyone!

If you haven't checked Instagram or Twitter yet, don't wait any longer.

There is a contest posted and all you need to do is follow me and like the post - super simple.

The prize is an IDLife survival kit and packet of chocolate shake mix.  Two of my favorite things on the planet :)

You can find me on Instagram as motherrunner0619 & on Twitter as motherrunner619.
The winner will be announced on Friday evening CST.  GOOD LUCK!!!

Popsicle Recipe

Happy Friday - the 13th - everyone!!

Here's to a great Friday and a great weekend for all of us :)

We have a low key weekend planned for ourselves - haircut, pool time and a run for this momma.

I'm sure the hubby and I will get to the gym as well and get in at least one workout over the weekend.  Then we have our littlest ones birthday on Monday.  She'll be FIVE?!!!  How did that even happen?

Anyway, one thing we are hoping to get planned this weekend is making our own popsicles because we all have a little sweet tooth.  If you want to make your own here's a quick little recipe below.

If you need the Hydate - you can find it here.

Sweet Tooth Help!

Hey everyone!  How is your week so far?

Mine is going well.  The husband and I have been making it to the gym on a more regular basis with routines in hand :)  And I've been getting up before everyone else to ensure that I get my run completed.

This morning I got in a solid 3 miles and the sunrise was beautiful!!

The picture didn't need any editing, cropping or a lot of statistics to go with it.  Once I made it back home the morning was really just getting started & it's been a great day.

So, I have a major sweet tooth and love cakes, cookies, shakes, any ice cream really.  I always want/try to go for the healthy sweet option and not the sugar filled choice that is so easy and convenient.

So what are some of your favorite shake recipes?

I've got a couple for you to try out and if you are in need of a good shake that doesn't have a bad after taste or anything 'bad for you' in it - just shop here.

Almond Joy - add below to blender and blend
- IDLife Chocola…

Staying Fit

I typically run to stay fit and feel good.

Running is my favorite way to distress and spend time outside.  I can and prefer to run along with no expectations other than to just run.  But on occasion I like to run with other people.  When I can manage it, I drive to downtown Houston in rush hour traffic to run with a running group.  At times, there are 100+ people that show up and run either a 5 mile loop or a 3 mile loop.  I've recruited a couple people to run on Wednesday's as well.

I've missed about 3 or 4 Wednesday in a row and will miss today as well because....LIFE.  As a working professional, wife and mother of 3 driving 30-45 minutes downtown during rush hour can be almost impossible.

And then I was invited to run with another group that meets up on Saturday mornings around 5 or 530!!  It's perfect except for the fact that this Saturday, my husband has plans to help a co-worker move.....such is L.I.F.E.

Our kids are still not at an age where they can stay home a…


The Instagram Giveaway was a huge success, thank you everyone for participating!!

The winner was announced Friday evening and posted - what a lucky lady :)

I will be hosting another giveaway via Instagram and Facebook during the month of July and will post details next week.

So yesterday, was my birthday and it was great :)  I am one of those people that still loves to celebrate my birthday even as an adult and look forward to it and my special day.

The kids want to get me a new car because mine is fat.... There are three of them and I drive an SUV.  If I had a smaller car, they wouldn't fit with all of their "necessary" items, haha. 

Anyway, it's been raining like more than usual for Houston and I'm dying to get out and go fro a run.  I love to run in the ran but I'm will not go out if there are flash flood warnings (except for Harvey....I ran in that), lightening or thunder.  To many horror stories about people either getting swept away or electrocuted and…